Summer dyeing

Posted on September 16, 2015 by Emily _

I've spent the later part of August and September in the yard behind our studio working on some dyeing projects.  In the afternoon, the sun clears the building leaving me with some shade to work, but fills our small yard with gorgeous, warm sunlight - perfect for some indigo dyeing.

I've only worked with indigo a few times in the past - but it is really memorizing.  I can always see why the colors and process capture the hearts of so many, and have for centuries.  I had some fabric stored away that I've been saving until I knew what to do with it and I'm excited to debut some new, very limited edition indigo dyed table linens here in a couple of weeks.  They will be perfect for fall parties and great gifts heading into the holidays.

Here are a few process shots and sneak peeks of how things are looking.