Studio Inspiration: Sarabhai House

Posted on June 18, 2015 by Emily _

I picked up a book recently - Le Corbusier: Sarabhai House, Ahmedabad India 1951-55, edited and photographed by Yukio Futagawa.  Something about a house surrounded by tropical forest sounds pretty appealing right now.  Corbusier's conspicuous use of materials, pops and plains of color and lovely formal, geometric compositions don't fail to make the house quite handsome either.

The house was built between 1951-55 for the Sarabhai family - who were in textiles. I think the house is now used as an informal artists' residency or retreat, which explains some of the glimpses of quite special and unexpected art work here and there, and the photos do indicate that it is not used as a current residence and is showing some age.

The southwest veranda - I love the vaulted brick ceilings.

The house features several doors that pivot open - often opening up to various verandas adding to blurring of the line between inside and outside.

I love the slate floor and poured concrete trusses.

Stairway from the first floor.

The pops of color and use of wood through out the house are so beautiful.  The eclectic furniture and textiles may not be so intentional given the house isn't in regular use, but I'm always glad to see images of a residential space that aren't so overdecorated or formal.

Futagawa's photographs capture the grounds and vignettes of the rooms very beautifully - pick up the book for many more images and more info about the house.